5 must (re)watch movies


Good morning, afternoon or evening! Wherever and whenever you are, we at Ugly Boy Entertainment have put together the following to help you pass the time. We have compiled a list of 5 must (re) watch movies.

Now for many of you, you may have already seen some or all of the titles but we think that they are that good that they are well worth another look.



In no particular order we start with Hitch. Starring the self proclaimed “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” Will Smith along with Eva “yes please” Mendez, they provide a romantic comedy that will keep you entertained.

Next up, Wedding Crashers. This film has inspired me to err crash weddings and let me tell you, it is not always as fun as it looks in the movies, but that is another story for another day.
If it is belly hurting laughs you want, this is definitely the film for you.

Now it’s not always the case that big titles produce big films, however with the second instalment of Christopher Nolans Batman series, The Dark Knight does not disappoint. With a stand out performance from Heath Ledger as everyone’s favourite villain, The Joker, it is very hard to find flaws in this dark action adventure.

Now not since Michael Jackson and Bubbles (rip) have I felt such affection for a chimpanzee but with the recent remake Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, they were able to tell a classic story in a new and exciting way.
Keeping many of the original concepts, they have been able to introduce new ones which gives this version it’s very own identity worth every minute of viewing time
Denzel Washington + Mexico City = Man On Fire. Really do not need to say much about this. The usual intesity we have come to know and love from Denzel. An added bonus is that some of his classic one liners are delivered in Spanish. Ya tu sabes!!

Comedy? Check Action? Check Drama? Check Romance? Check We have covered more or less all bases. Have fun!

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